Friday, August 27, 2010

Frankenbear comes to Boof

And thus the Frankenbear toddled out of the lab, and I shouted.. 'IT'S ALIVE!' UP for grabs for 25L!

Monday, August 23, 2010

FTLO- Science hunt has started!

FTLO- Science Hunt has started at Boof HQ and there are many items up for grabs from me.
Guys! Don't be discouraged I made a male version of the labcoat and:
-Poison Beaker you drink with steam coming off it
-Mouth Test Tubes in many colors with texture change on the label
-Nerdy Science Goggles with 3 different styles

Hope you enjoy the Science Hunt!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

New Item at Boof HQ

And thus, the Shake weight came to SL. New Item up for grabs at Boof HQ in world:

It's pretty easy. Just attach, and it animates automatically. Hours of Lulz!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Panty Raid going on at Starlust

My Panty Raid Panties! Buy the Clams for 0L

As many of you know Starlust features the Panty Raid where alot of the designers in the many assorted sims make free or 1L panties for our customers to grab up! I made panties (and boxers for you guys!)

The burning bush and tush curtsey of Boof.(Don't worry guys your boxers are just as flaming!)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Adventures with Hotdogs

For years I've had this wonderful friend on SL, and I must say we've been on quite the adventures with one another. Our night started with a visit to a AO shop.. were we started annoying the customers gathered with our Call On Me attachments (complete with song and dance) Somehow.. we ended up at this place.. with this guy. That's Hotdogs Miami, friend to purple and single handledly one of coolests ladies I've ever met on SL, roughly wooing our man in the latex business suit. SL truly does have everything -_-

Monday, August 16, 2010

First Posting!

(This pic is the new sign of my Mainstore at Zombie Popcorn.)
Sadly I'm quite new to the whole blogging experience so I'm going to be requiring massive help from my buddy Slip. (If he shows up dead somewhere floating in SL, you'll know why!) Yet here it is, the Blog for Boof.. Finally. I did what I said I never would! So much is usually going on with my RL and SL that it's hard to maintain any level of sanity and trying to upkeep a blog page.. but I promise I shall do my best.

News for Boof:
As  most of you know Boof HQ has moved again to the Zombie Popcorn Sim. (And what a great move for me business wise! The people are most excellent and the sim.. is kicking!)

Most of my Ads are currently being re-done by the most gifted Aeryn Toland. What many of you DON'T know is this. I make items at a startling rate.. then they rot in my inventory for a few weeks until I break down from the constant (but wanted!) poking of me to come out with something new! Because while I love to create items in world.. I hate.. hate HATE making Ads. I don't have an eye for it and I admit this. So! Aeryn's work is something I admire and she's most gracious in helping me in this matter!

Coming soon?! *gasp*
In the works are some Goonies Idea's I've been playing around with my buddy Slip.
T-shirts and hoodies (hopefully if I break down and actually make the clothes) With tasteless ideas!
Some Zombie items because I've sadly been on a Zombie kick lately.
BE ON THE LOOK OUT FOR HUNT NEWS FROM BOOF GROUP! I am currently enrolled (active in 2 as of this writing) in 6 hunts! I always make new items for my hunts and try to make you guys happy!

Well.. as I'm quite out of ideas and need to sharpen up this webpage I leave you with this: What does Boof really mean?  ^^ OoOO it's something awesome.. But that's it! --- Love, peace, and chicken grease. - Boof.