Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mario and Luigi Snowmen

I can remember a time in my life when I would scramble home from school to plop down for endless hours of entertainment from a certain set of brothers. Our adventures would take us many places. It's almost like we grew up together.
They really were like my little babysitters when I was a kid and Nintendo was one of the only things I looked forward to and with so much enthusiasm. It was like.. if I felled one more koopa, broke one more block, or smooshed one more goomba my troubles would just slip away, and happily they did more often than not. If you've been a customer of my store for awhile then I'm sure you've noticed my love for anything Mario related. So it's only fitting that I made them into the latest items! Mario and Luigi Snowmen!
These cute snowmen are 13 Prims (without the blocks above their heads) and are my latest edition for Lazy Sunday. They are copiable, mod, no trans. The set is 75L and the blocks are included.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Merry Creepness from Boof

So this year for Christmas Hanley and I decided to creep people out.. Cause I know he's a closet Pedo with a fan, beard and rapist glasses. Which I give to your viewing pleasure what I did the first time I saw one of these bad boys in action on Second Life:

So yeah! The Creeper Tree really will 'creep' up on you if you aren't careful. So without any further mental scarring here are the ads for these abnormal trees.
Next up the Thieving tree, now this one doesn't walk around but it's just as sneaky.
Those grabby little hands pop down and steal all the presents.. I'm sure this is really Hanley hiding and stealing everyone's Christmas goodies. You Scrooge you!

Okay now serial stuff. (Yeah we all know how serious I can be. HAR) The trees are copiable, 200L a piece, resize friendly and are up for display during the holidays at the mainstore. So merry.. creepness from Boof!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Always I Wanna Be With You!

Boof has an obsession with Robot Unicorn Attack 

If you are anything like me.. and god willing you aren't quite as fooked in the head as I can be.. then you would love Robot Unicorn Attack. This game has chosen me as it's emissary to the real world to spread love, friendship and rainbows. It's like the Robot Unicorn is the first new my little Pony FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC!

So.. to bring our love of Unicorns attacking people to SL Hanley created the Robot Unicorn attack. On sale at FTLO's Black Market ( ) This Unicorn costs 100L, it animates on attach, and is animated when you walk run jump or fly. A loud piercing ALWAYS song follows in your wake, as a rainbow is left to show others you want to be with them. So! Tp now and get yo Unicorn on.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Horned Beanies!

This is the first co-release between myself and Mr. Hanley Speiser. I am very happy that we made these 'horny hats'. I myself have always a big fan of vikings. I love to rape and pillage.. I mean.. erm.. yes! Horns!
Okay Additional Info. These are resize friendly, 8 different types of horns and all 8 are scripted with click to texture change and 8 different textures have been lovingly made for these beanies. A steal at only 75 L keep your eyes open for our next release soon!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Designer for Boof

After many years of head desking because of a looming deadline along with trying to get new releases to you guys I've found I stress myself out way too much in trying to keep John Q. Public happy with the originality of my designs and the frequency with which they are released. Which in my mind goes something like this:
So yeah, owning a store entirely by yourself on SL can be very daunting. That's why I'm so Derpina about this announcement 
Derpina Boof presents a new designer for Boof! One that is just right on par with my type of crazy. Hanley Speiser a long time friend and all around good guy came up with some ideas that left me all... YAY happy faced about and I know long time Boof Customers will appreciate his kind of mind as well. With that, our first co-release will be this Friday. I am so excited and I'm sure you will be too once you see all the crazy ideas he's came up with for the store.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Remember the 5th of November

Okay so.. ever had a friend obsessed  by a movie? Like so obsessed that they then in turn buy all the movie's paraphernalia that they get their grabby little hands on? Well.. my friends have called me that before. 'The Mini Movie Monster' in that I cannot go a 5th of November w/o watching V for Vendetta like.. all day. I still have my tickets from the first time I saw it, (framed, might I add!), and have a signed pic of Nata and Hugo in their V for Vendetta gear. *Swoons* I have a little shrine of it in my room. The signed autograph, the tickets, a framed pic of the comic graded and in mint condition, my copies of the graphic novel. Yes.. copies because I've totally worn out the first one by reading it so much. A little figurine of V.. okay lots more but you get the picture right? So I woke up.. realized this was the 5th of November and I in my lazed haze had yet to formulate anything for V on Second Life? I am a horrible fan! After chastising myself for hours I came up with a plan! V shall live to spread his anarchy in SL, so I proudly present:
This comes with the poster that V slashed in the movie and a personal alpha button to show your support for my favorite vigilante hero.

(Can you spot the poster hanging in my mainstore! *fan girl screech!*)

Remember remember the fifth of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot.
I see no reason why gunpowder, treason
Should ever be forgot...

La Venta Eventa: Junkyard Hero

This was one of those times I was totally unprepared to make an item and built the first thing that came to mind. Inspired by such a looming deadline my mind thus gave you this: The Junk Yard Hero.

Bask in the glory that will evolve into the stinkiest hero ever! This set comes with a trash can lid hat, trash bag poncho, big black rubber gloves, and spiraly eye goggles that when clicked are color change! Do not forget the draw and attack plunger, the weapon of our mighty hero! Up for grabs for 75 L for La Venta Eventa at my mainstore Boof.