Saturday, July 30, 2011

WHat I'm working on now

The Boof will be in a Alice in Wonderland hunt very soon and I wanted to go all out for this build. Why you may ask? Mostly because it was my favorite story to read when I was younger. Aside from Peter Pan, it was my favorite childhood story. The Pic below is the progress I've made on a Very Merry Unbirthday table. There is a lot of texture work to still be done. Along with animated sits and scripted food and drinks but I'm very happy with it so far!
(don't you just love the floating chandelier? )

Okay new hunt items Summer Fun for Kids Hunt

Both items AND the Kiddie Pool are all for sale for 1 L at my store for 3 more weeks!

New stuff not yet released but previewsss

 While this little island may look innocent it's not. A lot of work an animating went into this lil doozy. I haven't quite made the pics yet for the ad but there is a lot lot lot that will come with this set. An animated sand castle, 2 animated towels, 2 animated life buoys, a harbor buoy that makes sounds, a beachball that makes wave sounds when touched. An animated palm tree and the Island itself. Also trying to throw in some freebie bathing suits and board shorts for those not so beachly inclined. Oi was this time consuming.
Now while this duck MAY appear innocent, he's anything but. >.< I've never had such horrible lag while trying to script an item to sit on!@#!@ I've affectionately called this build the motherquacker due to how much I cursed it out while attempting to script him. But he is a cute lil fella. You just click to sit and he rotates around. I still wanna stab his kawaii eyes out... Damn deceitful innocent looking creature. 

Now you may be asking yourself.. why are these not up for sale yet?! BECAUSE I HATE DOING ADS.. especially with bigger builds. I'm gonna have to redo them.. because those were the snapshots I took and they suck. 
ARGH!@# That is all.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Item: Soda Cans at Boof HQ!

Soda Cans now available at Boof HQ
Like the BeerCans but for the people with non-alcoholic tastes.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tree Disguise Freebie New at Boof

I am a tree pay no attention to me!

My Hunt Infos and stuff

Okay! As of right now the hunts at Boof are!
Cup Cake War - Cup Cake Blog   
(item - White Cupcake)  (hint - stairway to heaven)

Cupcake War Hunt Item

This One Time at the Fair hunt
Sour Pickles Hunts - Sour Pickle Hunt Hints
(item- goldfish cracker) (hint - Gotcha! No, Gatcha!)
  One Time at the Fair Hunt Item

Summer Fun for Kids Hunt
Crazy Hunts for Kids - CHFK Blog and Shop Info
(item- Small Sun) (hint - sandy and high)
This hunt item is 1 L NOT FREE all the items in this hint are so, There is no list, but if you follow the blog page you'll see the other stores that are participating in this Summer Fun Hunt. In 3 Weeks I will have another hunt item that differs from the pool .
Summer Fun for Kids Hunt Item

Friday, July 22, 2011

FTL Summer Scavenger Hunt Item

And here we have it! *starts humming the theme song* Da da duh dun.. da da dunnnnn!*
Indiana Jones Gear at Boof HQ! Starting July 25th the For the Love of Summer Scavenger hunt kicks off in Second Life! You can receive the Indy hat, whip, messenger bag, and animated fertility idol all for 1 L as long as this hunt runs. Hope you enjoy the goodies! 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mad Shout out

I love this Zombie. She just blogged so much of my stuff! And sharing it over Flickr! It means a lot to the Boof!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Nyan Cat comes to Boof in 3 Different Forms

As you can most likely see I went a bit Nyan crazy these past few days. Up for sale for only 20 Lindens, the Nyan Cat pets, and Nyan Cat avatar are only 20 L for each box. The Nyan Cats are touch activated to play the Nyan song, and can attach to both your head AND shoulder. While the avatar itself is a tiny one, complete with tiny ao and particles streaming from all of these cats. Also up for free is the Nyan Cat  Freebies. This of course comes with a Nyan Cat Poster stating that "It's over Nyan Thousand!" And all these items come with a free Nyan Cat walker that plays the Nyanyanyanyan song every time you walk.
Hours of Annoying pleasure of having your friends say.. SHUT UP! 
Enjoy the rainbowy goodness, I know I do! 

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Jaws? Da nun

While it may seem that I'm bubbling in an early watery grave, taking time to reflect that I always make the Jaws theme music no matter where I'm Swimming.. (rl, sl.. bathtub) Anyways! I digress, while it seems that my recent creative outburst of new items has slowed, it has not! I've simply been taking a small breather after making a slew-load of new hunt items. (Boof will be in 3 upcoming hunts and I've worked hard on these newest items for everyone to enjoy. As I either make a large structure or many items for any one hunt I'm in as I feel cheated if when in a hunting sorta mood I feel pissy if I receive items that not much effort has went into! I will most likely be making some new releases next week for your boofy pleasure as I just feel too pooped to prim it up at the moment. And don't worry, the ideas are there, just the time and manpower that goes into it lacking somewhat sadly. (I was on hiatus for a year after all and ideas just kept popping into my brain!) So.. 3 new hunt items coming up for the July month, 2 current hunt items still in store, and new releases to be sliding out of Boof HQ next week, I promise, or you can spank my ass and call me Shirley! 

Btw.. I think this is flipping hilarious 
Also, if you are a fan of the muppet Chef like myself.. as if you couldn't tell? visit here.. it's so funny.. I keep putting stuff in to see what it pops out with:
Chef Speak LULZ

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy 4th of July - Fourth Freebies at Boof

Brand new freebies for one of my favorite holidays!
This includes the texture and the Gesture!

Two flags! Hand held and mouth!