Thursday, January 26, 2012

Don't rent from Lighthouse Rentals.

Why a picture of a huge ass lighthouse with a big NO NO sign over it? This post brought to you by the douche canoe known as Lighthouse rentals. Lighthouse Bruh, took my land a day early, returned all my prims, slandered me via second life groups, and was nothing but rude, crude, and vile to me on the occasions we spoke.

When I politely asked him to not send my name out and slander me via groups, he merely laughed at me. For the entirety of our conversation please visit here: If you love Douche Canoe's journey here. My post.

He was nothing but offensive to me and my Second Life Family and Friends. I only hope that my postings reach someone that was tempted to do business with him, and they aren't stuck going down the same shit creek as me. So Lighthouse Bruh and Lighthouse Rentals allow me this one rebuttal:


  1. Wow. From the way he types he sounds like he's 15 years old and has no concept of a Shift Key. I think you acted rationally and with a lot of patience despite him being a complete hosehead. In the end it's his loss...

  2. Boof get your stuff back in sl we need the madness come talk to me in world D