Saturday, January 21, 2012

Equalizer Typer for Lazy Sunday

So a new designer friend of mine made this awesome item. It's a equalizer typing animation over-rider. He asks if he can sell it in my store.. my response.. OMG YES PLEASE!@# So Boof proudly presents the creations of Malacath Kirkorian. His creations are spawned under the title of M.A.L. (Majorly Awesome Look) and *Boof.

So this is the typer! Notice it comes in two sizes, one is perfect for adult avvies, and the smaller version is perfect for you smaller folks out there. 
It also has color change options! 12 seperate colors or rainbow.(I personally adore the rainbow option.. gee I wonder why?) You can also adjust the brightness, glowy affects!
And as if this wasn't enough it spins about you and the blox randomly fluctuate from different sizes just like a stereo display.

And here's a closeup of the effects :)

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