Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ready to Rumble Pose Set -

Oh Macho Man, crush of my  mis-spent youth! I wanted to marry you one day, but alas.. you died and took my plans of world wrestling domination away.. but that's okay. I have forgiven you and have made it my one woman mission to make you into a Saint. A Saint of Wrestling. Why you ask? Why not some other Great Wrestler that has been proverbially booted from the cage match of life? BECAUSE IT'S MACHO MAN DAMMIT, he was the best! I snapped into so many Slim Jim's doing impressions of him, I'm sure those sounds will reverberate through out the house I grew up in for all time to come. Or the many times I fan girl screamed as you finally entered the ring, with me turning to my very worried parents to let them know that I .. Misty 'Boof' Dorsey was one day to be your intended.. screw your wife! I drew a pic of throwing her into the river near my house when I was little.. so that would take care of that little problem. Huh.. it makes sense now all the times my poor mother looked at me like.. 'Where are we going wrong with this child?' But all I can think now is.. I WISH I STILL HAD THAT PICTURE. So.. with wrestling one of my many passions that I dived into as a child I present the READY TO RUMBLEEEEEEEEE Wrestling Pose Set! Comes with 7 poses, a wrestling ring andddd steel ladder to jump off into the wild blue yonder.

                                                   IT'S STILL REAL TO ME DAMMIT!!

taken down from the props and pose fair will be put up at store asap.


  1. Heh! My dad wrestled professionally in the 30s. Yeah, that means I, too, am older'n dirt. He wore a hood and wrestled his roommate.
    I love you, dammit!

  2. Thanks Marfita! I'm glad that you like the pose set!